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Share 7 tips for excavator maintenance

Share 7 tips for excavator maintenance

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2022-04-18 10:51

Share 7 tips for excavator maintenance

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2022-04-18 10:51

What are you most concerned about? When can the desk shift fee rise? When can the diesel fee be reduced? When will the project funds be recovered?
In fact, the most important thing is that Xiaobian thinks it is safe! Moreover, the safety awareness must be raised at all times and no relaxation is allowed. The Xiaobian of Anhua excavator repair factory also summarized the safety details that are prone to accidents and easy to be ignored in daily work.
\First: fire extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are essential for every machine. Have you prepared them? Is it going to work when you're ready? In the high-temperature weather every year, due to circuit aging, short circuit series connection, even weather and other reasons, there are not a few excavator spontaneous combustion, so fire extinguishers and first-aid kits are necessary for every excavator!
Second: flameout and departure
I have seen those who leave the cab without turning off the engine, and those who smoke without turning off the engine. Therefore, there are potential safety hazards in many behaviors in the process of turning off the engine and leaving the cab!
Therefore, the key can be removed only after the bucket is lowered to the ground, the safety lock is fixed in place, the engine is shut down, and check whether there are missing items.
Third: open fire and flammable and explosive products
Machine operators who can't smoke are not good machine operators, so almost everyone doesn't leave lighters, inflatable cans and other items. The excavator fuel oil, hydraulic oil and machine oil lamp oil are in danger of burning in case of open fire!
Therefore, it doesn't matter to smoke, and the awareness should be in place, especially when changing oil products and filling fuel, pay special attention! After leaving the cab, take away inflammables and explosives such as lighters to prevent high-temperature explosion.
Fourth: jump up and down
Many people think that jumping on and off the excavator directly not only looks good, but also highlights the temperament of the old driver. In fact, jumping on and off the machine, boarding or leaving the moving machine will have the probability of danger
Therefore, whether getting on or off the machine, always keep hands in contact with handrails, ladders and tracks at least 3 points. Wipe off the oil and soil on handrails, ladders (or pedals) and tracks at any time.
Fifth: avoid opening the cover for inspection at high temperature
When the operation is just stopped, the temperature and pressure of engine coolant, engine oil and hydraulic oil are very high. At this time, if you open the cover to check or replace the filter element, it will cause serious burns. Be sure to check according to the specified steps after the temperature drops down.
Sixth: safety shield
When the hydraulic hammer is used or demolition and crushing work is done, the protective cover shall be installed in front of the cab, the top cover shall be installed on the top of the cab, and the laminated safety glass shall be installed on the window.
Especially when working in mines, tunnels or other environments with falling objects, falling object protection devices and laminated glass shall be installed.
Seventh: accumulator
For machines equipped with accumulators, after turning off the engine, put the safety locking lever in the locking position and lock the pedal of the accessory device with the locking pin.
The accumulator is filled with high-pressure nitrogen, which is very dangerous if not handled properly. Therefore, it is forbidden to punch holes in the accumulator or keep it in open fire. Do not weld any boss on the accumulator and do not bleed from the accumulator without authorization.
Summary of Xiaobian of Anhua excavator repair factory:
Although it is our common goal to drive and raise excavators and make money, it is our ultimate goal to make money safely, safely and smoothly!



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